Editorial standards

Submitted cases must be written in English or Spanish and adapted to the topic and contents of the iVascular Grant 2020 (endovascular area). The grant’s scientific committee reserves the right of acceptance of any case, whether they are adapted or not to the topic of the grant.

Clinical Case Form

Each participant can only send one case via the web iVascular Grant.

Each clinical case submitted must include the following sections:

  • Name of the case
  • Main author
  • Work site, city
  • Co-authors and work sites
  • Products used 
  • Injury location
  • Presentation of the case 
  • Case conclusion and assessment
  • Bibliography
  • Images/videos         

Clinical cases containing patients personal data will not be accepted. Personal data is understood as any of the following items: name, surnames, initials, address, telephone, fax, email, ID or passport, residence card, social security number, a recognizable photograph or medical history number of the patient. Other data not specified before might also be considered personal if they allowed to identify the patient. The inclusion of any of these items will make the data personal. If a doctor enters any of the aforementioned data by mistake, the case will be completely and definitively eliminated.

If submitted cases do not follow the guidelines established in the product's technical sheet, they will not be eligible to participate.

Technical Secretary

If you have any questions, contact the Technical Secretary at this email: info@grant.ivascular.global